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Permanent Jewelry FAQs

What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry is the latest trend in jewelry where it is custom fit to your wrist, neck, or ankle and welded permanently without a clasp or opening (until you decide to take it off). The process is painless, and fun! They make perfect friendship bracelets, bridesmaids gifts, mother-daughter bracelets, private parties and more!

Can permanent jewelry be removed?

Yes! Permanent jewelry can be removed by cutting the connector ring with wire cutters. We recommend not cutting the actual chain in case you want to get it re-welded in the future. We also offer clasps for those who want to have the option to take off whenever they want.

What kind of chains do you offer?

We offer a variety of 14k gold-filled and sterling silver chains. These chains are hypoallergenic, tarnish free, and durable.

Is it TSA approved?

Yes! You can keep your permanent jewelry on while going through security.

Do you do private parties?

Yes! We offer private party events for bridal showers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and more!

Please contact for more info.

What if my permanent jewelry breaks?

Don't worry! If your permanent jewelry breaks from being snagged or stretched, we will do our best to repair it for a $10 fee. Simply put the bracelet in a safe place and schedule a repair.

*If we are unable to repair the chain or you want to change the style to a different chain, we will offer you a 5% discount to replace the chain. (LB Jewelry is not liable for lost chains).