Kids Ear Piercing

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Experience the enchantment of your little ones' first piercing with LB Jewelry. Our unique and safe process is perfect for children aged 7 to 16, making it a memorable milestone!

Our studio is perfect for parents looking for a safe and fun piercing experience for their children. It's totally kid-friendly and has a posh, welcoming vibe – just what you need!

They can choose from a vast array of stud earrings. A truly individualized touch for their special day!

We are dedicated to providing a gentle, hygienic, and luxurious piercing experience. The safety and well-being of your child is our top priority.

Whether it's a birthday, a milestone, or just a 'special day to get some new bling,' let's make sure it's a day you'll never forget! :)


Kid's ear piercing service requires a parent or legal guardian to be present and provide identification and proof of age and relationship. types of identification acceptable are:

State Issued

ID Passport

Birth Certificate

Adoption papers

Drivers License/Permit

We offer specific piercings for minors aged 8 years and older, with a parent or legal guardian present. In compliance with Philadelphia regulations, LB Jewelry is unable to provide piercing services, except for earlobe and outer ear cartilage piercings, to individuals under 16 years old, even with parental consent.